Analysis on the characteristics of pet feed ingredients


Processing technology of batching before crushing

The first mixing and then crushing process is to mix all kinds of raw materials (excluding vitamins and trace elements) according to the proportion of the pet food formula by metering method, and then crush them. The crushed powder enters the mixing equipment for batch mixing or continuous mixing. At the beginning of the mixing process, the diluted vitamins, trace elements and other additives are added, and when the mixture is uniform, it will be a powdered pet food.

If it is necessary to press powdered pet food with pet food into pellet pet food, the powdered pet food is quenched and tempered by steam, heated to soften it, and then sent to the extruder for expansion, and then dried, sprayed and cooled to form the expanded pellet pet food.

The process features: raw material warehouse is also a batching warehouse, reducing investment; No more silos are needed, which can adapt to the variety of materials; The working condition of the pulverizer will directly affect the work of the whole plant.

The process of crushing before batching

Advantages: When a single type of pet food is crushed, the pulverizer can give full play to its crushing efficiency, reduce power consumption, increase output, and reduce production costs according to the physical characteristics of the pet food. The screen or air volume of the pulverizer can also be selected and adjusted according to different particle size requirements, so that the particle size quality of the powder with the pet food can reach the best level.

Disadvantages: more batching silos, feeding and discharging control valves, arch breaking and other vibration devices are required, so the production process is complex and the construction investment is large; When more than three kinds of pet food need to be crushed, multiple pulverizers must be used, otherwise, the pulverizers will change varieties frequently, with frequent operation, large load change, low production efficiency and large power consumption.

Process of batching before crushing

Advantages: simple process flow, compact structure, less investment and power saving. The raw material bin is the batching bin, thus eliminating the intermediate batching bin and intermediate control equipment.

Disadvantages: Some pet foods need to be crushed, resulting in too fine particle size, affecting the output of the grinder, and wasting power.

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