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  • Dry twin screw machine extruder

    The twin-screw extrusion extruder produced by Jinan bright extrusion machinery equipment Co., Ltd. is composed of feeding system, extrusion system, heating system, transmission system, rotary cutting system and control system. The material is fed by the feeder, and the barrel is subjected to high temperature, high pressure and high shear to expand the material to meet the quality requirements such as the desired tissue state.

  • Snack food - salad bar production line

    Snack food - salad bar production line

  • Dry twin screw extruder

    Twin screw extruder is suitable for a wide range of raw materials, many product shapes and flexible configuration. Choosing different models and configurations can produce different products.

  • Compound nutritional rice production line

    Compound nutritional rice production line

  • Pet aquatic feed engineering equipment

    Automatic large pet aquatic feed production line

  • How to choose aquatic fish feed equipment

    Select the production equipment of aquatic feed, First of all, we should understand the many characteristics of aquatic feed

  • A New Artificial Rice Machine Has Been Tested Successfully

    The new twin screw artificial rice extruder developed by our company can produce all kinds of nutritious rice, fortified rice, instant rice and other artificial rice. The equipment adopts PLC touch screen control, the operation is more intuitive and simple; New gear box, including oil cooling, oil filtering system, effectively prolong the service life;

  • Puffed snack food production line - bugles

    The twin-screw snack food processing machine can produce snack foods such as , bugles, triangle slices, Tartary Buckwheat slices, etc

  • Macaroni pasta production line description

    This series of Macaroni pasta production line have 3 models to product many kinds of food, such as spaghetti, shells shape crisp, tremella shape crisp, pentagon shape crisp, cat ear shape crisp, macaroni, crust of cooked rice, chromium winding noodle. And we can also make the model according to customers' requirements.

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