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  • A New Artificial Rice Machine Has Been Tested Successfully

    The new twin screw artificial rice extruder developed by our company can produce all kinds of nutritious rice, fortified rice, instant rice and other artificial rice. The equipment adopts PLC touch screen control, the operation is more intuitive and simple; New gear box, including oil cooling, oil filtering system, effectively prolong the service life;

  • Puffed snack food production line - bugles

    The twin-screw snack food processing machine can produce snack foods such as , bugles, triangle slices, Tartary Buckwheat slices, etc

  • Macaroni pasta production line description

    This series of Macaroni pasta production line have 3 models to product many kinds of food, such as spaghetti, shells shape crisp, tremella shape crisp, pentagon shape crisp, cat ear shape crisp, macaroni, crust of cooked rice, chromium winding noodle. And we can also make the model according to customers' requirements.

  • Production technology and seasoning method of leisure puffed food

    Do you know how such delicious puffed food tastes? People who know puffed food know that puffed food is a special food made of some grains and other materials through special processing methods. The reason why puffed food is delicious is inseparable from its later seasoning.

  • Advantages of wet extruder in aquatic feed productiondog food1 (2).jpg

    The difference between wet expansion and dry expansion is that the raw materials are prepared in advance before expansion, and the temperature is increased by steam or water. The so-called conditioning refers to the hot and wet effect of steam on pet food raw materials, so that the starch in the raw materials is pre gelatinized, the protein is denatured and the raw materials are softened, which is conducive to improving the expansion granulation effect and expansion quality of dog food.

  • Expanded feed technology

    Puffing technology refers to that the material containing certain moisture is sent into the extruder. Driven by the screw rod and screw, the material moves forward to form an axial movement. The mechanical friction between the material and the screw, the material and the barrel and the interior of the material. The material is strongly extruded, stirred and sheared, so that the material is further refined and homogenized. Then, the pressure and temperature inside the cavity continue to increase and rise, and the material is under high temperature, high pressure Under the action of high shear force, the material components have complex physical and chemical changes. Finally, the paste material is ejected from the die hole, resulting in an instant pressure difference, and the material is expanded to form an expanded product with loose structure, porous and crisp.

  • 400-500kg h pet feed production line

    Twin screw automatic dog food production equipment

  • In depth understanding of soybean tissue drawing protein

    Textured soybean protein is a food prepared from soybean protein isolate and soybean defatted soybean powder. Defatted soybean, 70% protein soybean powder and separated soybean protein are mixed with water and food additives, pretreated by crushing, stirring, heating and direct steam, and then mixed, extruded, sheared and shaped by extrusion extruder. At the same time, the raw materials are sterilized and Protein organization and starch α Chemical treatment such as chemical treatment, enzyme passivation, melting, high temperature treatment, cooling, drying and other heat treatment. Due to the conversion of globulin in protein isolate and soybean defatted soybean powder into silk protein and fibrin, the protein content is more than 50%. The dried food can still have enough bite (bite strength and bite) similar to meat after adjusting water or rehydration.

  • ​The twin-screw snacks food processing machine

    ​The twin-screw snacks food processing machine

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