Extruder machine

Jinan Bright Machinery CO.,LTD is a special supplier of food & feed processing machines. With our many years' research and study, techniques have been widely used in many fields. Our products consist of food extrusion machine,animal feed machinery, fried food machinery,microwave dryer,packing machine,flavoring machine etc... We are located in Jinan,the Capital of Shandong Province.Jinan Bright Machinery CO.,LTD is vested with many staffs with many years of experience in supplying the food processing machines.We can also provide special designs and products according to our clients' special requirements. At present, our products have been selling well to the USA, Malaysia,Indonesia,the Philippines,Thailand,Pakistan, India,Romania, South Africa, and other countries and regions.

About Us
Jinan Bright Machinery CO.,LTD

Jinan Bright machinery company is a special exturder machinery manfacturer. Our company have 13 years production experience.The average sales amount is 40 million RMB. Exported to Britain, Ukraine, Thailand, Brazil and 116 other countries. Covers an area of 22,000 square meters.

  • What are the oils in pet feed

    Fat is a collective term for fats and oils, and is one of the main nutrients in pet food. The chemical elements contained in fats are mainly C, H, O, and some also contain elements such as N, P. The fats in pet food provide fat for pets. For pets, fat is an important component of their body tissue. Fats are found in the skin, bones, muscles, nerves, blood, and internal organs of pets. Most lipids are important components of cell membranes, and they are also raw materials for cell proliferation, renewal, and repair.

  • Benefits of Eating Artificial Nutritional Rice

    Artificial rice is a substitute for ordinary rice that adds various vitamins, trace elements and proteins to solve health problems caused by vitamin deficiencies among the public.According to reports, artificial rice is made by scientific researchers using various edible fungi and whole grains. The scientific researchers call it edible fungi nutritional rice.It contains a scientific proportion, 1-3 kinds of edible fungi and 3-5 kinds of whole grains are mixed evenly using high-speed mixing.

  • Pet feed puffing: allowing your pet to enjoy a healthier and more delicious diet

    As people's attention to pet health continues to increase, the pet food market is also becoming increasingly prosperous. As an advanced food processing technology, pet feed puffing can provide pets with a healthier and more delicious diet. This article will introduce the principles and advantages of pet feed puffing, as well as how to choose the appropriate puffing feed, to help you provide your pet with the best dietary experience.