Extruder machine

Jinan Bright Machinery CO.,LTD is a special supplier of food & feed processing machines. With our many years' research and study, techniques have been widely used in many fields. Our products consist of food extrusion machine,animal feed machinery, fried food machinery,microwave dryer,packing machine,flavoring machine etc... We are located in Jinan,the Capital of Shandong Province.Jinan Bright Machinery CO.,LTD is vested with many staffs with many years of experience in supplying the food processing machines.We can also provide special designs and products according to our clients' special requirements. At present, our products have been selling well to the USA, Malaysia,Indonesia,the Philippines,Thailand,Pakistan, India,Romania, South Africa, and other countries and regions.

About Us
Jinan Bright Machinery CO.,LTD

Jinan Bright machinery company is a special exturder machinery manfacturer. Our company have 13 years production experience.The average sales amount is 40 million RMB. Exported to Britain, Ukraine, Thailand, Brazil and 116 other countries. Covers an area of 22,000 square meters.

  • Daily troubleshooting of twin-screw puffing machine

    The twin-screw feed puffing machine mainly consists of a barrel and rotating extrusion twin-screw components inside the barrel. When the equipment is in operation, the material enters the material chamber through the feeding port, and the screw rotates and squeezes it forward. Under the action of thrust, friction, shear force, and heat, a high-pressure and high-temperature difference is formed inside and outside the chamber. At the moment when the material is extruded, it expands due to the pressure difference.

  • Brewing instant konjac rice, a new favorite for healthy eating!

    With the acceleration of the pace of life, convenient and fast food is increasingly favored by people. Instant konjac rice, as a new type of convenient food, is not only delicious but also rich in nutrients. This article will provide you with a detailed introduction to the ingredients, benefits, production equipment, and precautions of instant konjac rice, so that you can easily enjoy this delicacy at home.

  • How to adjust the puffing effect of raw materials

    In the production process of puffed food, uneven product discharge and spraying often occur, which affects the degree and effect of puffing. Today, I will share some troubleshooting methods with you.