Extruder machine

Jinan Bright Machinery CO.,LTD is a special supplier of food & feed processing machines. With our many years' research and study, techniques have been widely used in many fields. Our products consist of food extrusion machine,animal feed machinery, fried food machinery,microwave dryer,packing machine,flavoring machine etc... We are located in Jinan,the Capital of Shandong Province.Jinan Bright Machinery CO.,LTD is vested with many staffs with many years of experience in supplying the food processing machines.We can also provide special designs and products according to our clients' special requirements. At present, our products have been selling well to the USA, Malaysia,Indonesia,the Philippines,Thailand,Pakistan, India,Romania, South Africa, and other countries and regions.

About Us
Jinan Bright Machinery CO.,LTD

Jinan Bright machinery company is a special exturder machinery manfacturer. Our company have 13 years production experience.The average sales amount is 40 million RMB. Exported to Britain, Ukraine, Thailand, Brazil and 116 other countries. Covers an area of 22,000 square meters.

  • Unveiling Compound Nutritional Rice

    Compound nutritional rice, also known as nutrient fortified rice, engineered rice, extruded recombinant rice, instant rice, freshly squeezed rice, etc., is made from grain flour such as rice as the main raw material, added with certain nutrients needed by the human body, and extruded into granules, aiming to improve the deficiency of certain nutrients.

  • Nutritional Powder Production Line Completed Installation

    200-250kg per hour nutritional grain flour production line installation completed. This production line uses grain flour as the main raw material, such as yam flour, konjac flour, etc., and adds various nutritional elements to produce nutritious grain flour. The equipment mainly includes powder mixing machine, vacuum conveyor, extruder, air conveyor, dryer, cooling conveyor, and crusher.

  • Key points of puffed feed production technology

    The application of twin-screw extruder in the production of extruded feed The key to the production process of extruded feed lies in the extrusion process, and the twin-screw extruder is an important equipment to complete this process.