Improve Food Puffing Degree

Improve Food Puffing Degree

In the production process of puffed food, uneven product discharge and spraying often occur, which affects the puffing degree and effect. Today, I will share with you some troubleshooting methods.

  • Improve Food Puffing Degree

    In the production process of puffed food, uneven product discharge and spraying often occur, which affects the puffing degree and effect. Today, I will share with you some troubleshooting methods.

  • Common Troubleshooting of Twin Screw Extruder machine

    The twin-screw feed extruder is mainly composed of a barrel and a rotating extrusion twin screw in the barrel. When the equipment is running, the material enters the material chamber through the feeding port, and the screw rotates and extrudes forward to transport it. Under the action of thrust, friction, shear force and heat, a high pressure and high temperature difference is formed inside and outside the chamber. The moment the material is extruded, it expands instantly due to the pressure difference.

  • The use of soy silk protein

    Soybean silk protein is a protein product with a texture similar to muscle fibers, mainly made from high-quality soy protein isolate and processed through special processes. Through hydration in production, it has uniform organizational characteristics and specific organizational structure.

  • The application of puffed wheat bran in food

    Wheat bran, also known as wheat husk, is a byproduct of wheat flour processing. It is wheat yellow, in the form of flakes or powder. At the end of the wheat husk, there are some embryonic buds (which are the part where the wheat sprouts), accounting for about 5-10% of the total amount of wheat husk. Some of them are about one-third to half of the flour, and the wheat husk is divided into six layers. The outer five layers contain more crude fiber, are less nutritious, and difficult to digest. Wheat husks contain a large amount of vitamin B. Rich in cellulose and vitamins, it is mainly used for food, medicine, feed ingredients, brewing, and other purposes.

  • International Labor Day holiday

    International Labor Day holiday

  • Holiday notice

    Holiday notice

  • Coarse ash content in pet feed

    When I first buy pet food, I often have a dilemma. What brand of food should I buy? Which brand of grain is good? What are the standards for good food... Various doubts may arise. Looking at the ingredient list is a recommended way for many beginners, and one indicator is the crude ash content. Many people believe that high crude ash content is not good, and animals cannot absorb Balabara. But is this the truth? Is coarse ash content a bad thing? Today, let's talk about the coarse ash content in pet food.

  • Automatic Corn Flakes Making Machine

    Breakfast cereal production line adopts advanced puffing technology, all kinds of cereal raw materials after high temperature and high pressure treatment, instant puffing into crisp, nutritious breakfast cereal. The whole production line is composed of ingredients, mixing, expanding, drying, seasoning, cooling, packaging and other links, with a high degree of automation and fast production efficiency.

  • Current Feed Industry Trends

    Feed refers to feedable substances that can provide nutrients needed by animals, promote animal growth, production and health, and are safe and effective when used appropriately. According to product variety, feed can be divided into pig feed, egg poultry feed, meat poultry feed, ruminant feed, aquatic feed, pet feed and other feed.

  • What are the types of puffed nutritional powder

    Dietary powder refers to a nutritional powder used to replace some or all of the main meal. Usually made from grains, beans, potatoes, and other ingredients, it is a blended powder product with high fiber content, low calorie content, and satiety.

  • Difference between soybean Histone and brushed protein

    Although both soybean Histone and soybean brushed protein are products produced by soybean, there are still some differences between them. The following will summarize years of experience and briefly analyze the difference between soybean Histone and soybean brushed protein.

  • Why has soy vegetarian products become mainstream in the market?

    With the development of nutrition, people are increasingly aware that vegetarianism is beneficial for their physical health. Compared to traditional fast food methods, vegetarianism is more rich in nutrients such as fiber and vitamins, which can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and other diseases. People pay more attention to health.

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