Coarse ash content in pet feed


Coarse ash content in pet feed

When I first buy pet food, I often have a dilemma. What brand of food should I buy? Which brand of grain is good? What are the standards for good food... Various doubts may arise. Looking at the ingredient list is a recommended way for many beginners, and one indicator is the crude ash content. Many people believe that high crude ash content is not good, and animals cannot absorb Balabara. But is this the truth? Is coarse ash content a bad thing? Today, let's talk about the coarse ash content in pet food.

What is coarse ash content?

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Let's first take a look at what the coarse ash content of pet food is.

Coarse ash is the residue left after all organic matter is oxidized in feed, animal tissue, and animal excreta samples at a high temperature of 550-600 ℃. Mainly composed of inorganic substances such as mineral oxides or salts, it is called coarse ash.

Any substance that is incinerated will leave crude ash, so crude ash is also an indicator for controlling feed quality. But crude ash is not a nutrient in feed, it is similar to crude fiber and water.

What is the function of coarse ash?

The coarse ash content in pet food can be used to check the quality of pet food. A high crude ash content indicates poor feed quality, so special food standards have been set to prevent the addition of non nutritive mineral raw materials.

But in fact, the content of crude ash can be influenced by various factors, such as the high mineral content of the ingredients themselves, and the relatively high crude ash produced after production.

The minerals and trace elements in deep-sea fish are relatively abundant, and the coarse ash content of pet food produced from deep-sea fish is relatively high, which is understandable.

What is the content of crude ash considered qualified?

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Foreign production standards

There is no clear standard for crude ash in AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) and NRC (National Research Council), but it is still necessary to choose pet foods with low content.

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