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  • Daily troubleshooting of twin-screw puffing machine

    The twin-screw feed puffing machine mainly consists of a barrel and rotating extrusion twin-screw components inside the barrel. When the equipment is in operation, the material enters the material chamber through the feeding port, and the screw rotates and squeezes it forward. Under the action of thrust, friction, shear force, and heat, a high-pressure and high-temperature difference is formed inside and outside the chamber. At the moment when the material is extruded, it expands due to the pressure difference.

  • Brewing instant konjac rice, a new favorite for healthy eating!

    With the acceleration of the pace of life, convenient and fast food is increasingly favored by people. Instant konjac rice, as a new type of convenient food, is not only delicious but also rich in nutrients. This article will provide you with a detailed introduction to the ingredients, benefits, production equipment, and precautions of instant konjac rice, so that you can easily enjoy this delicacy at home.

  • How to adjust the puffing effect of raw materials

    In the production process of puffed food, uneven product discharge and spraying often occur, which affects the degree and effect of puffing. Today, I will share some troubleshooting methods with you.

  • The application of blood powder in pet feed

    Because blood meal has high nutritional value and its processing technology and methods are becoming increasingly perfect, its application in pet feed has also received widespread attention. Some pet feed formulas will contain ingredients such as chicken blood meal and hydrolyzed blood meal.

  • What are the oils in pet feed

    Fat is a collective term for fats and oils, and is one of the main nutrients in pet food. The chemical elements contained in fats are mainly C, H, O, and some also contain elements such as N, P. The fats in pet food provide fat for pets. For pets, fat is an important component of their body tissue. Fats are found in the skin, bones, muscles, nerves, blood, and internal organs of pets. Most lipids are important components of cell membranes, and they are also raw materials for cell proliferation, renewal, and repair.

  • Benefits of Eating Artificial Nutritional Rice

    Artificial rice is a substitute for ordinary rice that adds various vitamins, trace elements and proteins to solve health problems caused by vitamin deficiencies among the public.According to reports, artificial rice is made by scientific researchers using various edible fungi and whole grains. The scientific researchers call it edible fungi nutritional rice.It contains a scientific proportion, 1-3 kinds of edible fungi and 3-5 kinds of whole grains are mixed evenly using high-speed mixing.

  • Pet feed puffing: allowing your pet to enjoy a healthier and more delicious diet

    As people's attention to pet health continues to increase, the pet food market is also becoming increasingly prosperous. As an advanced food processing technology, pet feed puffing can provide pets with a healthier and more delicious diet. This article will introduce the principles and advantages of pet feed puffing, as well as how to choose the appropriate puffing feed, to help you provide your pet with the best dietary experience.

  • Processing technology of puffed instant yam powder

    Today we will introduce a healthy and delicious snack - puffed yam powder! This snack not only has a unique taste and rich nutrition, but also has multiple health functions, making it the perfect choice for your healthy life. Let's take a look together!

  • Fast breakfast cereal production line

    The breakfast grain production line adopts advanced puffing technology, which instantly puffs various grain raw materials into crispy and nutritious breakfast grains after high-temperature and high-pressure treatment. The entire production line consists of ingredients, mixing, puffing, drying, seasoning, cooling, packaging and other links, with high automation and fast production efficiency.

  • Common troubleshooting of twin-screw extruder

    The twin-screw feed extruder is mainly composed of a barrel and a rotating extrusion twin-screw in the barrel. When the equipment is running, the material enters the material cavity through the feeding port, and the screw is rotated and extruded to be transported forward. Under the action of thrust, friction, shear force and heat, a high-pressure and high-temperature difference is formed inside and outside the cavity. The moment the material is extruded, Instant expansion due to pressure difference.

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