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  • Production process of extruded snack food

    The secondary extrusion technology is a common food production process, which is mainly used in the production of various puffed foods, such as edible puffed potato chips, Prawn cracker chips, squid rolls, puffed pea crisp, etc. The principle is to destroy starch particles under high temperature and pressure, allowing food to expand rapidly. Below is a brief introduction to the specific process flow of secondary extrusion and expansion.

  • Processing Technology of Sedimentary Aquatic Feed

    Expanded and precipitated granular feed is easy to absorb water and soften, suitable for gnawing, and can also reduce the loss of debris generated during gnawing, reducing feed waste and water pollution. Moreover, the expanded feed has a long water resistance time and a high degree of maturation. Twin screw wet puffing machines are commonly used for producing puffed feed.

  • Characteristics of Expanded Aquatic Feed

    According to different varieties and stages of growth and development, puffed floating fish feed suitable for their caliber and nutritional needs can be produced, which can effectively meet the feed needs of conventional aquaculture and special aquaculture. This not only facilitates aquaculture producers, but also promotes production development.

  • Abalone and sea cucumber feed processing equipment

    Introduce the general process of processing sea cucumber and abalone feed.

  • Dog food equipment - making pets healthier

    Dog food equipment - making pets healthier. As pet owners, we all hope to provide the best food for pets, and dog food, as a staple food for pets, quality is particularly important. So how to ensure the quality of dog food? Dog food equipment has become an essential tool.

  • "Magic Instruments" for Food and Feed Processing

    the puffing machine is a necessary equipment for puffing processing in the food industry.

  • Jinan Bright Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd

    We are willing to work together with Chinese and foreign merchants to explore the future.

  • The role of starch in feed

    The role of feed in starch starch is the main carbohydrate source in animal feed, which can provide energy demand for animal growth.

  • How protein in feed is calculated and the role of protein in feed

    This article describes how feed protein content is calculated and its role in feed

  • Introduction and development prospect of expanded feed

    Expanded feed is widely used for various famous, special and high-quality species as well as conventionally cultured fish.

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