The application of puffed wheat bran in food


The application of puffed wheat bran in food

Wheat bran, also known as wheat husk, is a byproduct of wheat flour processing. It is wheat yellow, in the form of flakes or powder. At the end of the wheat husk, there are some embryonic buds (which are the part where the wheat sprouts), accounting for about 5-10% of the total amount of wheat husk. Some of them are about one-third to half of the flour, and the wheat husk is divided into six layers. The outer five layers contain more crude fiber, are less nutritious, and difficult to digest. Wheat husks contain a large amount of vitamin B. Rich in cellulose and vitamins, it is mainly used for food, medicine, feed ingredients, brewing, and other purposes.

The role of puffed wheat bran

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1. Improving food texture and flavor: Adding expanded wheat bran into flour products, such as various noodles, Mantou, dumplings, etc., can improve their texture, enhance flavor, and make food taste better.

2. Improving food nutrition: The soluble dietary fiber content in puffed wheat bran significantly increases, while the starch and insoluble dietary fiber content significantly decreases, and the crude protein content remains almost unchanged. Therefore, adding it to food can improve the nutritional content of the product.

Wheat bran in food applications

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3. Increase water holding capacity of food: Expanded wheat bran can enhance the water holding capacity of food, allowing it to better maintain its humidity and taste during cooking or consumption.

4. Wheat husks contain abundant dietary fiber, which is an essential nutrient for the human body. They can increase the fiber content in food, improve constipation, and promote the excretion of fat and nitrogen. They are of great significance for the prevention and treatment of common fiber deficiency diseases in clinical practice.

The Application of Gluten Food

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5. The intake of high fiber components can reduce the excretion of steroids in feces. The main boundary metabolic process of cholesterol in the human body is through the excretion of feces, so it can reduce serum cholesterol and slow down the formation of atherosclerosis.

6. The B vitamins contained in wheat husks play many functions in the body and are essential nutrients in normal food metabolism.

Overall, puffed wheat bran is widely used in food processing, not only improving the quality and nutritional value of food, but also in line with modern people's pursuit of a healthy diet.

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