Application of aquatic extruded feed


Application of aquatic extruded feed

extruded feed

Aquatic feed production line applications: ornamental fish feed, turtle feed, turtle feed, grass fish feed, black fish feed, bullfrog feed and other products. 

Extruded aquaculture feed is a high-quality environment-friendly feed with low pollution, low waste, high efficiency and high conversion rate. The use of extruded puffed feed is an important means of producing high quality and safe animal products, ensuring human health, and is also a trend in the future development of the feed industry. It is also an inevitable trend in the development of the aquatic feed extruder industry with the theme of green environmental protection.

At present, many countries and regions with developed aquaculture use large quantities of expanded aquatic feed. In the United States, the feed of squid, rainbow trout, squid, lobster, tilapia and koi is commonly produced by puffing technology, and 90% of the spotted stalk is fed with puffed feed. In recent years, expanded aquatic feed has received more and more attention. Expanded feed has been widely accepted in the breeding of frogs and squids. The use of channelized catfish, tilapia and grass carp has increased. There has also been some progress in the application of marine aquaculture feed. fish feed pellet machine, fish food pellet machine for sale.

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