How to puff low starch feed?


                                                       How to puff low starch feed?


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With the changes of production and processing technology and the technical level of production extruder, the starch content in the formula of expanded material has also changed. When I first came into contact with the expanded material 20 years ago, the starch content in the formula was basically 18-20% or more. Later, 15% was basically no problem. After the twin-screw extruder was gradually introduced to the market, it could be 12%. After more than 10 years of research and production practice, low starch expansion (referring to expanded floating material) could be 10%, or even 8% at least.

Role of starch in puffing processing:

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① Starch is one of the core raw materials to promote feed expansion

② Starch has very strong cohesiveness, which can increase the stability of feed in water

③ After starch expansion, the expanded material forms a certain hardness

④ Starch is one of the energy and carbohydrate raw materials of animals. It plays an important role in various physiological stages of fish

⑤ Carnivorous fish are sensitive to starch, and are congenital diabetes prone patients. Their glucose metabolism is inefficient. They do not love starch.

Significance of low starch:

① It can relieve some carnivorous fish from metabolic diseases caused by excessive starch in feed, and improve the breeding efficiency of this kind of fish;

② By reducing the starch content, space can be made, which is conducive to the addition of other nutrients and improve the adjustment space of the formula.

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Low starch expanded floating material can only be solved through the adjustment and improvement of equipment and technology and the research of many experiments. To solve the damage caused by starch to the liver of some carnivorous fish, it is also a good way to replace the expanded starch raw material with modified starch (a starch raw material that will not cause liver damage in the process of growth and metabolism) or add other drugs or additives to protect the liver of this kind of fish. Therefore, we should not have a misunderstanding. We should not blindly think that low starch is good. Maybe we do not need low starch in the future. The breeding efficiency of this fish will also be very high.

Advantages of twin screw:

Twin screw is more conducive to reduce the starch content, and the formula with lower starch content can be accepted to make the material float 100%.

Single screw has advantages in a certain range of starch content, but it has no advantages in low starch.

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