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The tissue protein uses non-genetically modified soy protein as the main raw material and is processed with advanced equipment. The product is shredded and has a meaty shape with good adhesion, chewiness, elasticity and brittleness.


Soy protein contains natural antioxidants. After adding protein to meat products, it can play a protective role and reduce oxidative rancidity. In recent years, as a new plant protein, soy protein is widely used in meat products, spicy foods, and snack foods instead of pork and beef.

Soy protein was developed in Europe and America in the 1960s, because it can replace high-fat, high-calorie meat food, also known as "simulated meat." Soy protein began to appear in my country in the 1990s. After more than 10 years of development, the current plant-drawing protein industry has produced results. Soy protein is generally dry, light yellow solid (water content is about 10%, water activity Aw is about 0.43). If it is placed in water for a few minutes, it will become fluffy, much like half-cooked ordinary lean meat. The classification of vegetable protein is divided according to its structure, there are thick silk type, thin silk type, soft silk type, hard silk type, slippery silk, astringent silk, etc. According to different silk structure and silk tensile strength, there are many kinds Combination application. Textured soy protein can be used to make ham sausage, minced meat, beef jerky and canned food. The taste of the food made by it is basically the same as that of ordinary meat food, but the price of textured soy protein is only equivalent to 1/5 of lean pork. , The protein content is equivalent to 2-3 times that of fish, meat, and eggs.


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Tissue protein, vegetarian meat protein

Soy protein products are used in meat products industries such as tribute balls, lion heads, sausage products, meat products (such as quick-frozen dumplings, quick-frozen wontons), etc., which can replace part of the meat raw materials and reduce product costs; enhance the meatiness and reduce the powdery feeling. Proper application can make the product have good texture, peeling properties and chewy feel, and can greatly reduce the cost. Applied to the processing of vegetarian products, the high protein content increases the nutritional value of the product and will bring good taste characteristics to the product.

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